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3 Sep 2020, 13:45
Belvedere Hotel

Belvedere Hotel

Dobrava 1a 6310 Izola, Slovenia


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A Review of Wood Modification globally – Findings from COST FP1407 and 2019 updates
Dr Dennis Jones (Lulea University of Technology)
Continuous densification of solid wood – the band press approach
Benedikt Neyses (Division of Wood Science and Engineering, Luleå University of Technology)
Cross Laminated Timber furniture providing shelter during earthquakes. Lifeshell public domain release.
Marco Fellin (CNR-IVALSA)
Distributed Ledgers and Decentralized WoT Architectures
Michael Mrissa (InnoRenew CoE)
Numerical simulation of moisture transport in thermally modified wood exposed to rain
Stefania Fortino (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd,)
Optical and abrasion properties of plasma treated and UV LED printed wood samples
Mr Gregor Lavrič (Pulp and Paper Institute, Ljubljana)
Towards Smart Textiles for Civil Engineering Application
Dr Laetitia Marrot (Innorenew CoE, Livade 6, Izola)
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